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Hill Top Residence
Hill Top Residence
Project type: Residential / Turnkey
Location: Talet El-Khayat residential area lot # 1510, Beirut, Lebanon
Country: Lebanon
Duration: -
Type of works: Major excavation and shoring works, reinforced concrete structure, wood works, steel Works, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, conveying systems and general finishes including paint, tiles, cladding, etc...
Projects group: Turn key, luxurious residential & commercial complex
Consultant: Spectrum Engineering Consultants
Client: Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association – Mohammad Ghanem & Abd Ellatif Chamma’ah
  A luxurious residential complex composed of 6 residential blocks, 11 stories each with 1 apartment per floor, underground parking and amenities, external landscaping, and & a modern design commercial centre, with a total of 63,000 m2 of built-up area.
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